Crossbow appears in the transportation problem how to do?

Crossbow appears in the transportation problem how to do?
Chinese crossbow network learned some crossbow enthusiasts have such doubts when buying a crossbow, because we sell crossbows products are network marketing, because they are not face to face transaction, if I buy all bow crossbow during transport damage appeared how to do?
Bought three Lida crossbow enthusiasts may have this understanding, we can understand this, but this is not a bad quality of the three Leader crossbow, especially the three LEADER crossbow with wooden pallet, and already long, with a wooden, simply can not withstand heavy pressure, arbitrary rejection misplacing, like our friends see themselves using a crossbow crossbow as a baby, like, how could throw it? So the situation is not the normal use of crossbows easily damaged, please rest assured purchase crossbow. If you have a friend you can carefully observe those lower freight logistics company who, when they are loading and unloading cargo chaos get absolutely no attention to three Lida crossbow package above logo. So the three of us Lida crossbow distributors and logistics companies signed an agreement, you can see the goods out of the box, if the crossbow from the damage, you can refuse to do, we’ll give you three new ones to re-send you a crossbow Leader over, so there is a benefit that you can see us three LEADER crossbow is not, is not what you want three models of Lida crossbow that eliminates the fear fooled your concerns. (The above information from the crossbow monopoly to provide data and information)
Now that we have and the three of us to communicate Leader Corporation, indicating the crossbow issue in transport, three LEADER crossbow has the foot work in the package above, now send out a crossbow basically no damage. ( crossbow monopoly network prompts you, please rest assured purchase)

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