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Adaptive hunts: Physical challenges are no obstacle to good hunting

The spotter whispered that a deer was approaching. The hunter pulled his crossbow into position, but when told it was a 4-point he passed on taking the shot. The spotter laughed.

Crossbow scare spurs concerns

MONTROSE – When the Lee County Board of Supervisors meets Tuesday, one of the main items to be discussed will be security in the county offices.

Official: Utica man kills cat with crossbow

A Utica man with a prior conviction of cruelty to animals has now been accused of killing a cat with a crossbow on Easter Sunday.

In Case You Missed It… Norman Reedus Brought His Walking Dead Sexiness To SNL’s Weekend Update!

Norman Reedus is always ready with his crossbow, just like his character Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead! During SNL's Weekend Update, cast member Pete Davidson was talking with host Colin Jost, explaining his fears about The Walking Dead. No, he's not afraid of the TV show itself, he's afraid of being mistaken for a "walker" […]

Watch Norman Reedus and His Crossbow Crash SNL‘s Weekend Update

After surviving another season of undead mayhem, The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, took on a new kind of enemy during this week’s Saturday Night Live: stoners. SNL‘s resident young person Pete Davidson learned the hard way that smoking weed can be bad for your health when he showed up to Weekend…

Family time: Ringling Bros. in Allentown

It's a one-ring show built to amaze.

Dog shot in head with arrow, wanders for 2 days

This 2-year-old flat-coated retriever wandered around for two days with an arrow sticking out of her head after she was shot by her owner with a crossbow, authorities say. The arrow narrowly missed the dog's brain and optic nerve.

Alleged police impersonator found with crossbow and tomahawk in car at Richmond

A Richmond man who allegedly tried to pull another driver over using a red and blue strobe light has been arrested and charged with possession of dangerous weapons.

Could home sale indicate the death of a 'Walking Dead' fan favorite?

Internet chatter has been buzzing since news of the listing hit. Fans are rabid for any clue that might indicate possible spoilers to the much anticipated season finale tonight.

CCTV IMAGES: Men hunted after threatening Blackburn Coral staff with 'crossbow'

TWO masked men are being hunted after they threatened staff at a Blackburn bookmakers with what police believe was a crossbow.