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Masked men hunted after threatening Blackburn Coral staff with suspected crossbow

TWO masked men are being hunted after they threatened staff at a Blackburn bookmakers with what police believe was a crossbow.

Crossbows Use Helps Heighten Deer Harvest

A crossbow, a quiver of bolts (or arrows), and a cocking device are shown on a table at Racine Instinctive Bowmen in Sturtevant, Wis., on April 24, 2014. The crossbow sight-in was held prior to the 2014 Wisconsin spring turkey hunting season.

2,200-year-old crossbow more powerful than modern day assault rifle discovered with Terracotta Warriors

The crossbow, which was found intact this week in China's famous Terracotta Warrior pits, near Xian, could have shot an arrow up to 800 metres – about the length of nine football pitches.

Crossbow-wielding burglars caught on CCTV stealing from Thornton Heath shop

Police have released footage of two men armed with a loaded crossbow burgling a Thornton Heath shop.

Crossbow Master Pro

Crossbow Shooting is a simulator of shooting a crossbow at a target.Shooting is conducted at distances from 10 to 100 meters.You will…

Florida man who shot grandmother with crossbow gets life

LAKELAND — A central Florida man has been sentenced to life in prison for the brutal killing of his grandmother.

Man Arrested While Attempting To Shoot Communications Gear Into Jail Using Crossbow

A man has been arrested after a failed attempt to send communications gear into a prison using a crossbow. Cornelius Bazarov, 21, was apprehended by prison guards for trying to send mobile communication devices and related paraphernalia into a prison in Southern Russia. Bazarov was planning to shoot a total of 18 mobile phones, spare Man Arrested While Attempting To Shoot Communications Gear …


A CROSSBOW, revolver and boxes of methamphetamine at a grade of 61 per cent purity were found in Normanton after police searched a man’s caravan.

Man Found Dead in National Park Was Shot in Head With Arrow

Man found dead at Olympic National Park campground was shot in head with arrow from crossbow

Officials mystified by man's crossbow death in campground

A man found dead last month at a campground in Olympic National Park died from a wound caused by a crossbow, but investigators still don't know if his death was a homicide, a suicide or an accident.