Describes the production process of ancient crossbow

Describes the production process of ancient crossbow
Now if we Chinese crossbow network an on-line customer service QQ, there are many crossbow enthusiast friends to contact us for a part of a crossbow interested, of course, there are a lot of people need to understand the production process crossbow, and frankly a little talk , crossbow precision is a very professional production of a process, crossbow monopoly network had not mentioned before, to see so many friends are interested in this crossbow, Chinese crossbow network according to their simple conclusion has been to some, what Not quite the right place to put forward, we study together.
Built crossbow process mainly consists of the following steps: the selection for pole → → → processing crossbow for pole head open pole hole body shape → → → open holes for the trigger trigger open arrow tank → → → compiled install pole rope → fine crossbow trigger dig The rope groove → Debug → refinement and adjustment of the pole, and the starting point for determining the arrow slot. When installing the pole, the pole may be finishing holes to achieve a reasonable interference fit.

Crossbow is an important weapon in the ancient, has an irreplaceable role in the war and hunting activities. Ancient Chinese texts retains a wealth of information crossbow, crossbow technology for us to understand Chinese traditions and knowledge to provide valuable information. With these data, many scholars have been quite understanding. However, the traditional knowledge of ancient literature is limited. We aim to understand the technical craftsmen, ideas and methods of problem-solving, and other aspects of the process of accumulation of knowledge is still not enough.

The main tool for crossbow machete, wood fell, planing, chisels, saws, rope, ax and some other auxiliary wood and so on. The material is not due for crossbow drying in the sun, it must operate in the room. Village for crossbow hunting only for their own use, the demand is not. Over the last decade, the mountains of prey becomes scarce, the state has banned hunting with a crossbow shot villagers sometimes mice. Fragmentation of production scale, so no special Crossbow field.
The so-called “pole” is crossbow bow. Sun Shili fragrant wood harvested wood or yellow, peeled, was blank, dry place indoors. About a few months later, has been semi-blank, to bend. There are two methods of pole made out of different shapes, chefs with their own experience to judge to what extent is the semi. One way is to use a rope fastened at both ends of a wooden pole in the middle into the wedge-shaped pieces of wood to make it happen bent. Sometimes the two pole system simultaneously, sometimes assisted by a wood, with the production of a pole. Another method is to use a rope to a wooden pole pair (or a wooden pole and an auxiliary wood) firmly at both ends and in the middle tied together into deeds in every crevice where two adjacent tether at wedges, bending deformation occurs to give another shape pole. Nor hewn wooden pole inside, if necessary, can be gently scraping the glass to make it smooth. (The above information from the crossbow monopoly to provide data and information)
More information from crossbow accessories plus some of the information from the summary from the Internet based on years of experience, not the Department also pointed out a lot of hope that crossbow enthusiasts to explore all crossbows.

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