How crossbow monopoly network service?

How crossbow monopoly network service?

This may also be a lot of crossbow enthusiasts need to ask questions before you buy, understand the value. There is a saying, and finally there is no after-sales service, said one of the reasons is from the side of the quality of the product, the official website of three Lida products have such a guarantee, but a lot of my friends bought a crossbow before need a guarantee that we can look over the years we crossbow sales commitment products:

Dealer service commitments: ( crossbow proprietary network information to provide the following information)

1. Regional manager for dealer sales guidance of the market, to assist the development of market depth.

2. Training of dealer sales skills, product knowledge.

3. Allotted a certain amount of promotional items.

4. Backlog of product refunds.

Three LEADER companies for product service commitment ( crossbow monopoly provide the following information)

1. The company sells products and lifetime maintenance

2. Purchase within one year warranty

3. Unopened product Baotuibaohuan.

Crossbow monopoly on the sale of warranty crossbow ( Chinese crossbow network provide the following information)

1, three LEADER companies sell products.

2, the product of functional failures and problems inherent quality, components affect the normal use of free maintenance.

3, purchase no more than 12 months.

4, product accessories, product appearance, both inside and outside the packaging is not within the scope of the warranty

5, normal wear and tear caused by the appearance of the product or component wear is not covered by the warranty

6, part man-made damage is not covered under the warranty.

Service network to provide the range of Chinese crossbow

1. Three Lida company sells products and lifetime maintenance

2. Parts due to wear and tear caused by customers, damage

3. Appearance caused by wear and tear due to customer use.

4. Repair parts cost is borne by the customer

5. Maintenance products caused by the freight borne by the customer.

6. Maintenance of the principle of lifelong maintenance company, but does not include the company has discontinued the product of more than six months.

Third Lida is a crossbow industry overlord, not because of a crossbow or crossbow enthusiast friends to damage the image of the three Lida, so before you buy crossbow enthusiasts do not need to worry about its purchase of crossbow gun case appears the quality of what happens, there is a perfect after-sales support, afraid of what?

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