How much actual range is the greatest variety of crossbow

How much actual range is the greatest variety of crossbow

How to test the maximum range of a crossbow is how much?

Recently, many customers ask me such a question, I am very depressed. He said the network is how you get the crossbow crossbow Monopoly maximum range, when the staff of the Chinese crossbow network on flute, and frankly a little talk, every crossbow monopoly network is by copying someone else’s data, specifically how kind of get a crossbow maximum range, this may be very few people dedicated to described, based on this issue, based on past experience Chinese crossbow simple introduction to how to test the maximum range of a crossbow.

First: the crossbow fixed at a console, using the same one or a repeat shooting arrows.

Second: Choose an arbitrary angle transmitter, and then changing the angle of shooting and recording shooting distance.

Third: the conclusion that it is one of the best shooting angle and distance, this distance is the crossbow range using the arrows. (The arrows in this range but this crossbow on the use of maximum range)

Fourth: At this time, according to the needs and conditions, then the arrow only continue to transform other experiments, such as changing Cutlass, heavy arrows, light arrows, etc., then you will find a lot of shooting arrows from a distance as far as the inside one kind. ( crossbow monopoly to provide data and information)

Fifth: In the absence of other data out before the finalization of the arrow is drawn on the maximum range of the match crossbow arrows only this time, you can say that the use of a crossbow arrow maximum range is the number of meters. This is the maximum range of the relative test. (Remember, there is no absolute maximum, because certainly there are other arrows can be drawn farther away, do not do it only temporarily)

Sixth: crossbow shooting requires a lot of technical content, do not easily say that the crossbow issue, we must learn to find the problem from their own.

Seventh: crossbow shooting must be away from the crowds, avoid shooting people for their agents unnecessary trouble.

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