Large Black Hawk LSG dual crossbow

Large Black Hawk LSG dual crossbow

large black hawk lsg dual

Black Hawk is a large high-grade professional LSG dual crossbow crossbow designed specifically for consumers. This product uses the latest European technology, reasonable design, great granularity, crossbow looks cold, angular blend of personality and nobility. It confidence. imported special zoned Road, South Korea imported special arch sheet molding materials and imported high-strength plastic body crafted from a crossbow. eight rounds pulley assembly limb component used to make efforts to reduce more than twice the winding, imported trigger system allows crossbow feel when firing small Qingbai degrees, thereby improving shooting accuracy, greatly extended the life of the bow piece, high-grade military optical sight with a cross image amplification principle, can make a more distant goal clearly visible, to achieve the desired shooting effect.
Large Black Hawk LSG crossbow to meet the needs of high-end consumer groups, to meet the professional hunting, field protection and family protection needs, is a professional hunting, recreation, leisure, gifts to share.

Name Model Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Rally (kg) Maximum range (m) Precision range (m)
Large Black Hawk LSG 83 64 4.4 40 100 80
Configuration attachments
C Arrow 168 Hunting Arrow 145 Hunting Arrow Ball Power aim Optical sight Wrench Target sheet Instructions Spare bowstring
Do not use Do not use 3 20 (8mm) Optional Optional 1 1 1 Optional

Thanks for the new and old customers to your company’s support and presence, the company launched special package price, low price affordable to return all customers!

Package a 1080 yuan:

Large Black Hawk factory standard set of arrows 50 +145 50 +338 +8008 Arrow Arrow 10 +4 +8 MM ball 300 * 32 light aiming

Package II 1180 yuan:

Large Black Hawk factory standard set of arrows 80 +145 100 +338 +8008 Arrow Arrow 10 +8 MM ball 500 +3-9 * 40E optical sights

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