Little Tiger 2005R Military

Little Tiger 2005R Military

little tiger 2005r military

1. The newly designed midsize utility wood care crossbow shooting with high accuracy and stability in use, can shoot three-wing arrows, two-wing arrows and 6mm ball.

2. Meet practical mid-range consumer leisure, entertainment, hunting, fitness, body needs.

Name Model Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Rally (kg) Maximum range (m) Precision range (m)
Little Tiger 2005R 69 43 2.8 25 60 40
Configuration attachments
A hunting arrow Prince Arrow 110 Hunting Arrow 168 Hunting Arrow 145 Hunting Arrow Ball Power aim Optical sight Wrench Target sheet Instructions Spare bowstring
Optional 3 Optional Optional Do not use 20 (6mm) 1 Optional 2 1 1 Optional

Thanks for the new and old customers to your company’s support and presence, the company launched special package price, low price affordable to return all customers!

A 540 yuan package:

Little Tiger 2005R factory standard + Prince Arrow 60 Arrow 40 +168 + Ball 300

Package II 610 yuan:

Little Tiger 2005R factory standard + 120 +168 Prince Arrow Arrow 60 + Ball 500 +4 * 20 optical sights

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