Panthers 2005A with three small crossbow

Panthers 2005A with three small crossbow

panthers 2005a1 piece of portable three special metal with a small bow, crossbow, arrows can play both wings, three-wing arrows, balls.

2. Do home decorating, office furnishing, automotive defense, traveling abroad to use, use is a gift to share.

Name Model Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Rally (kg) Maximum range (m) Precision range (m)
Little Panther 2005A 30 37 1.3 15 40 30
Configuration attachments
C Arrow 168 Hunting Arrow 145 Hunting Arrow Ball Power aim Optical sight Wrench Target sheet Instructions Spare bowstring
1 Optional Do not use 20 (6mm) Optional Optional 1 1 1 Optional

Thanks for the new and old customers to your company’s support and presence, the company launched special package price, low price affordable to return all customers!

A 450 yuan package:

Little Panther 2005A factory standard + Prince Arrow 60 Arrow 40 +168 + Ball 300

Package II 540 yuan:

Little Panther 2005A factory standard + 120 +168 Prince Arrow Arrow 60 + Ball 500 +4 * 20 optical sights

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