Shanghai World Expo Performing foreign archers

Shanghai World Expo Performing foreign archers

Shanghai World Expo is a major chapter in our history, demonstrating our strong economic strength, about the Shanghai World Expo, crossbow hand to describe it as a “dream place”, “Shanghai World Expo will not only bring dreams to the people of the future, The greatest happiness is with many partners, for mankind to create a dream. ” crossbow Monopoly expert classical and modern style pavilion, divided “civic values”, “History of the Republic”, “travel”, “Archon”, “national system” and “video wall Earth” and other exhibition areas. Exhibition center will showcase the actual size of the Statue of Liberty to copy this statue is located on the central square of the prototype in front of San Marino parliamentary seat, a crossbow elite iconic sculpture.

Crossbow shooter said: “In the Shanghai World Expo, we put a lot of manpower and resources, with a total budget of 1.7 million euros invested Today, we have 32 local 16th-century Renaissance dressed in traditional costumes of the elite archers along the Expo. main road for parade, hoping Chinese friends will love. ”

The crossbow monopoly networks to the Corolla as the texture and relief decoration cylinder, which will use a three-dimensional video wall area of motion graphics, animation and digital audio, image and is played on an important event in the city-state of San Marino, and presents views of the ancient city under different lighting , climate and the daily lives of citizens. In the virtual space “tourism” area, visitors can experience a stroll in the capital of San Marino is located in the Peak Titano wonderful experience. By then, the crossbow monopoly network executives, the most famous performing arts groups will also bring the rich traditional culture of the performing arts.

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