The first assembly of the crossbow should seriously look illustration

The first assembly of the crossbow should seriously look illustration
For no crossbow experience of a friend, should see the crossbow initial assembly instructions. Here we drop the majority of manual crossbow Friends may ignore the problem introduced in crossbow installation wrench when using the crossbow should not overtighten, the assembly time. You just need to play a role can be fixed after the completion tighten all the screws, adjust the angle of a good bow and crossbow body piece, if you use optical sights, first make sure you aim at the light rail mounting is very stable, no mirror body tilt, can be measured by crosshairs.
If it is a weak long-range reticle tilt will cause serious bias point of impact. If there is a level, you can set the level of the crossbow, and a plumb line to confirm. If you do not ask, you can use the watch.
But still some nuances especially novice should pay attention to. Now some foreign crossbow fold approach has been adopted disassembly, crossbow device looks very simple. But many still think this way will affect the distribution of power, insurance and accuracy will be some impact. Friends believe that most crossbow conservative than the force or the use of relatively mature with a screwdriver, wrench disassembly crossbow. ( crossbow monopoly network provided)

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