Three Leader Cheetah 2008E

Three Leader Cheetah 2008E

threeleader cheetah 2008e

Three profit company created a multi-crossbow arrows (multiple bomb) design, not only can one transmit three arrows or 9 ball. Bow piece foldable, reducing the tension of the bowstring arch plate and extend the service life, will accompany you to spend longer hunting years. Engineering applications, with a unique groove design gives you a comfortable feel and shooting stability.

Name Type


Arrow Speed

Crossbow length


Net weight

Cheetah 2008E

58 kg

62 m / sec.

92 cm

56 cm

5.12 kg

Type Draw weight Arrow speed Stock length Widh Net weihgt
2008E 58KG 62M / S 92CM 56CM 5.12KG

Standard configuration: a crossbow, C arrows 9, 6MM ball 100, a bowstring, a paper target, within six angle wrench 2, Manual 1, a winding device.

Thanks for the new and old customers to your company’s support and presence, the company launched special package price, low price affordable to return all customers!

Package a 2350 yuan:

Cheetah 2008E factory standard + Prince Arrow Arrow 100 150 +110 +168 arrows 100 + Ball 400 +4 * 32 + high-end optical aiming crossbow package

Package II 2450 yuan:

Cheetah 2008E factory standard + Prince arrows 300 100 +168 +110 Arrow Arrow 100 + ball 600 +3-9 * 40E optical sight + grade crossbow package

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