Wolf Military Forest 2005M

Wolf Military Forest 2005M

wolf military forest 2005m

1 Wolf Forest is a medium-sized series of lightweight composite pistol crossbow;

(2) using a folded limb technology, more convenient to carry;

3 uses a complex pulley system designed to reduce the tension brought about the greatest strength;

4 Arrow Road is a high wear-resistant metal after thousands of experiments and successfully made ‚Äč‚Äčthat shot arrows and balls to glide more smoothly, longer range;

5 unique military wooden pallet designed to run when the wolf’s tail shaking appearance and comfortable hand feeling natural fusion, unique;

6 on the crossbow is equipped with a mechanical sighting system using standard drywall ruler targeting system, while still with the red dot electronic sight, a more accurate shot in the effective distance;

7 It can shoot three-wing arrows and ball extremely accurate and incredible shooting distance. Winding with a pedal bracket makes it easier.

Comments: The overall appearance of the crossbow tough, thick, folded like a very eager wolf taste. The combination of high accuracy and lightweight, making it the outdoor sports lovers are very attractive. Suitable for both home entertainment, family and friends gifts, home decorating, automotive defense and so on. It is also the best-selling mid-sized crossbow a crossbow, low failure rate

Name Model Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Rally (kg) Maximum range (m) Precision range (m)
Wolf Forest 2005M 49 46 2.7 30 80 55
Configuration attachments
A hunting arrow Prince Arrow 110 Hunting Arrow 168 Hunting Arrow 145 Hunting Arrow Ball Power aim Optical sight Wrench Target sheet Instructions Spare bowstring
Optional 6 Optional Optional Do not use 20 (6mm) 1 Optional 2 1 1 1

Thanks for the new and old customers to your company’s support and presence, the company launched special package price, low price affordable to return all customers!

A 550 yuan package:

Wolf 2005M standard factory-set + Prince of the Forest Arrow 60 Arrow 40 +168 +6 MM Ball 300

Package II 650 yuan:

Wolf 2005M standard factory-set + Prince of the Forest Arrow Arrow 60 150 +168 +6 MM Ball 500 +4 * 20 light aiming

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